FarmVille2 : Under My Umbrella!

Can you believe how hot it is? It’s a scorcher! That’s why most of the guests in Barbara’s B&B prefer to stay indoors. Even her old friends who came to visit for their reunion are staying indoors instead of going outside and enjoying the county’s beauty. So, what can Barbara do?
She and Cornelius came up with the idea of making parasols for her guests and friends to use. You can help by collecting Canvas Rolls to make pretty parasols in your Parasol Stall. In return, she’ll give you a cute baby Gray Corsican Donkey!
If you are level 15 or higher, the "Under My Umbrella" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Parasol Stall"button to begin this feature.


You can start building by collecting all the materials needed.

Then, ask your friends to help or hire builders. 

Once the stall is built, it’ll look like this:

Click on the stall to open the menu. There are three types of Parasols that you need to make: Frilly ParasolLace Parasol, and Vintage Parasol

To make these parasols, you need to collect Canvas Rolls. How do you get this item? There are four easy ways to get them:
1. Feed your adult Alpacas!

Get more adult Alpacas for a better chance of getting all the Canvas Rolls you need.

2. Craft Canvas Rolls! 

Need more ingredients? Help is on its way by simply calling your Co-op or clicking the Post button. 

3. Complete quests in the “Barb’s Best Years!” line of quests. 

4. Purchase Canvas Rolls using Farm bucks. 

While you are collecting rolls, you can keep track of how many you have by checking the counter on the lower left portion of the menu. 

When you have enough Canvas Rolls, you can start producing a parasol by clicking on the “Make 1” button. You can also choose to click on the “Make and Share!” button. 

Keep track of the number of parasols you’ve made by checking under each type of parasol. 

After you have made all the parasols in your Parasol Stall, you’ll win the baby Gray Corsican Donkey and 10 Favors! 

Start making parasols and get these amazing rewards!

We’d like you all to play our new feature and let us know your feedback!