Pearl’s Peril : Hey Adventurers, are you a friend of Pearl?!

Hey Adventurers, are you a friend of Pearl? Then you are in good company! Trish has all the right answers when it comes to our contests, and has one of the friendliest voices in our groups. She's full of knowledge, and when it comes to Pearl’s Peril, Trish knows her way around! We’re so happy today to have a chat together!

🔹Hello, Trish! How long have you been playing Pearl's Peril and how did you get to meet Pearl for the first time?
Thanks for including me in such a great group of Pearl fans! I started back on June 6, 2016, when my sister Debra Davis had been playing. You know how Facebook sends suggested games to play? Well, I got one, saw she played, and decided to give it a try! I am so glad I did!

🔹What do you find most special about the game?
I would have to narrow all my choices down to… the Adventure Club! I joined "The Pen is Mightier 2.0" back when my sister played. It was a great way to catch up with family through the AC club chat. What I didn't realize at the time was that I was getting a MUCH bigger family!! Greg, Lezlie, Maria, Melissa, Judi, Nancy... okay, I won't name them all, but those I named have all stayed together from the time I joined in 2016. We work together to win our weekly (awesome) prize, but it's more than that. We keep up with anything we want to share within our club. The support is phenomenal! I love my whole team.

🔹Do you have any advice for the many new players who recently started Pearl’s Peril?
Have fun with it! Make lots of Pearl friends, so you have plenty of Energy/tickets to share and use while enjoying the journey. Pearl is always managing to get into predicaments all over, but thanks to her friends/family, she keeps on her toes! Your friends can help you do the same! Send/request Energy and tickets daily, so others will return the favor.

🔹What steps do you take to decorate your island so beautifully? Any decoration tips you can share?
Great question. When I first started, I based my decorating style on memories... of being at the carnival, visiting zoos, etc. I won several decorating competitions this way. I joined the Island Inspiration FB page, and Laura Collins was a huge influence and help! But there are SO MANY amazingly decorated islands… then I noticed how fans were drawn to symmetry… for example, having a building in the middle with landscaping mirrored on each side. I have now combined both styles, and love visiting every day. All the incoming new sets and AC items make for ever-evolving islands. So, I could never be bored!

🔹Can you give us any tips to find hidden objects faster? What about when you play Iris's Eyes levels?
As I have "aged" over the years, my eyes aren't as sharp. Start young? 😉 Just kidding… I memorize what is on the screen first play. Then it is easier to quickly find objects, and learn as you get more and more with each Badge. For Iris's Eyes, this is a challenge. To start, before I hit PLAY, I look at all the shapes of items I can see on the screen. It helps! When playing, if I can't ID the item, I use the Hint button. It quickly refreshes, so you could use it several times during each play (if you need it).

🔹Do you have a favorite character in the game?
Molly and Benoît, because they are full-figured and amazing! No body shaming with this game - that is a rarity, and I love Wooga even more for it!

🔹With the release of Athena Island, we’ve established that dreams, in time, do come true. What do you wish to see added to Pearl’s Peril in the years to come?
Having the new island is amazing... just keep on discovering new islands and I will keep on decorating! A little favor would be AC club, allowing us to give other team members extra tickets (for Captain's Challenges) like we most recently could give team members extra Energy. OH, YES, I almost forgot! My grandson James wants to see a giant squid! (With whales in the waters, they love squid. Maybe one that pops up to the top, dives away, and comes up elsewhere!) Wouldn't that be cool? (And I would be the best Grandma ever! Lol!)

That's amazing, Trish. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! The giant squid sounds very interesting, perhaps the Kraken will make a comeback? And what do you think, Adventurers? Say hi to Trish in the comments and let us know about your love for the game!