Pearl’s Peril : Amazing Kind Doggie People!

Hey Adventurers, your Adventure Club nomination votes are in and wow... that was a close tie. We have decided to have a double Club Spotlight this time, starting with the amazing Kind Doggie People!

We are all devoted to the game, playing each day of the week, even after we win the weekly prize; we like to always share Energy, tickets, and to take part in extra contests and events. We cheer on each other’s individual successes in Iris’s Eyes and elsewhere. And we do always win the weekly prize!
–Wendy McBunny, Captain

🔹Hello, Wendy. Where did you get the inspiration for your club name?
Having had some negative experiences of people not supporting each other in another club, I decided to start my own with likeminded people. I wanted compassionate people in my group who all wanted to encourage each other. As it turned out, our members not only encourage other members in gameplay, but also in real life. We have a Facebook chat where we share anything and everything, helping each other through some of life’s greatest rewards and challenges including the birth of a grandchild, death of a loved one, and even COVID-19!
Being a dog rescuer myself, I thought maybe I would attract other animal lovers. We often share photos of our dogs and other animals, from cats to hedgehogs.

🔹Is there a backstory to choosing the fox badge?
Oh yes! My latest rescue was of a dog who looked like a fox, so I happily chose a fox as our logo!

🔹How many members do you have and where is everyone from?
We have a full 15 with a waiting list! Our members are from the US, UK, and Canada. We represent all colors, creeds, sexes, ages.

🔹Do you have a strategy for completing quests? Do you all play daily?
We have experienced and newer players, all of whom play daily. We all cover for each other. If someone is ill, has school finals, or is busy at work for example, another group member is happy to play extra so they don’t feel they have to. We are all Facebook friends and communicate in a Facebook Messenger chat.

🔹What is the best Adventure Club reward you have won? What do you hope to see next?
I love Pierre and Roddi! Obviously I adore all the rewards which include animals. I love the seasonal rewards too and would like to see something for autumn or even Halloween.

🔹Any advice for other Adventure Clubs or players looking to start one?
You must be willing to be tough enough and kind enough. Don’t tolerate players who want to only win the weekly prize, playing only on occasion without a commitment to their team. We are all in this together. Accept newer players and be willing to teach them tips on how to succeed. This is a game, meant to be fun, not to cause extra stress. If a player can’t play because of something in their lives, encourage them to let the team know.

🔹How did your club get started?
Another player, Cheri, and I started the team in an effort to find people who would play to win but not compete against each other. Life is too stressful for competition amongst players on the same team.

🔹Do you have any final remarks for us readers?
If you are lucky and have patience, you will find a cohesive team which always succeeds in gameplay; and as a bonus, your members will become friends in real life.

It's lovely to read about such great cooperation and teamwork. Say hi to Wendy and the Kind Doggie People in the comments below!