Pearl’s Peril : Every Decoration that the Game Offers!


Hey Adventurers, there's always an expert eye, hand, and beating heart behind every decoration that the game offers. Meet Bavo, one of the many talented artists working on the game. We asked him if he had any anecdotes about the Mystical Forest decorations he worked on, and he told us that he had a really nice time giving life to the Fairy Pond.

 "I had a lot of fun working on the fairy, which was the first item I had to animate. I mainly tried to move every part so that nothing felt stiff. The real challenge was creating fluid movement within the few frames we can use. Thanks to the great feedback from my colleagues, I was able to push that movement and glow to perfection. There's also something worth mentioning about the pond itself. I took inspiration for the leaves from a plant at home. Much inspiration can come from the world around us. It felt very cool to see the decoration move in 3D and then bring it to life for everyone to enjoy! I hope everyone is already having a blast with it!"

Indeed, Bavo! But a photo's worth a thousand words, right, Adventurers? Share your screenshots in the comments and don't be shy, come say hi!