Pearl’s Peril : Staged Rollout Allows us to Ensure the Greatest!

 Hey Adventurers, you may have noticed that not everyone’s game is the same. Sometimes we do what is referred to in the biz as a "staged rollout." This is where, instead of taking something new and putting it out for everyone, we slowly expose it to more and more players until everyone gets it. With more than one million people playing Pearl’s Peril every month, even small problems can have a huge impact. Every time we add something new to the game it has to work with everything else. And the longer the game continues, the more something new has to interact and play nice.

The way we handle this is by bringing each new feature to a limited amount of people, randomly selected. We have as many ways to play the game as there are players, across a multitude of devices, operating systems and platforms (Apple, Android, web, etc.). By randomly selecting a few to begin with, we can ensure we have nothing to skew our data on reliability and performance. Then as the data rolls in and bugs are addressed, we increase the number until we have the data to back up our decision to release it to everyone. Staged rollout allows us to ensure the greatest number of people have the greatest experience.

This is all part of what it takes to make the game better. It is more time consuming, but we work to ensure that the game experience we deliver is as flawless as possible, and we are constantly updating it to be even better. As a reminder, if you are having trouble with your game, our Customer Care team is there to help. With so many different devices, their help is essential: they look into your system to find a solution, as well as reporting any problem with new features to us on the game team. Thank you for your help in making the game better!