Pearl’s Peril : Theresa’s island Designs are Legendary!

 Hey Adventurers, are you a friend of Pearl? Then you are in good company! Theresa’s island designs are legendary in our Island Inspiration group, and her humor keeps us entertained on Pearl’s Peril Social. We’re so happy to be having a chat with her today!

Don’t be shy, come say hi!

 Hello, Theresa. How long have you been playing Pearl's Peril and how did you get to meet Pearl for the first time?

Oh, it’s been so long that I don’t remember... four years? Five? I go back in time to the day I discovered the game and our adventurer Pearl, and now I know her well... unlike when I started.

I liked the game and I still do because of the decorations, so beautiful and so perfectly made. Then I got interested in the characters, the company and its support… I joined an Adventure Club and there began my very own adventure. Today, I am captain of my own ship, where from time to time, much like everywhere else, there are temporary "underwater storms" but it’s just a matter of waiting for the waters to calm down.

 What do you find most special about the game?

Freedom. To be free to decorate to my style and liking, to feel I am part of what I’m creating, embodying the characters. Listening to conversations while I walk through the streets or I get lost in a forest, hehehe. I usually put some signs up to know where I am... that for me is the special thing about the game, to be yourself on your island. Nobody forces you to do something you don't want to do if you respect the rules of the game.

 Theresa, do you have any advice for the many new players who recently started Pearl’s Peril?

Good question, there are many tips! We all start knowing almost nothing, especially the tricks on how to advance faster in the missions.
Here are a few: Before a 24-hour mission starts, buy a decoration with Coins worth 400 Prestige, then you can resell it if you like. There are decorations like those that only take two hours to complete in the shop.
If you are asked to earn 5,000 Coins, you can earn them by selling duplicate decorations you may have already. A good decoration to use for a good Prestige / Coin ratio is the Italian Tile.

Keep around 10 Badges incomplete before a mission. By doing so, you’ll be done with the Badge quest in minutes instead of hours.

Try connecting to the game through Facebook to share in-game resources and keep in touch with your Adventure Club members.

 What steps do you take to decorate your island so beautifully? Any decoration tips you can share?

As I often say, decorating is a form of art. In this case our canvas is Artemis Island and little Athena. Everyone has their own style, their own fantasy and form. I recommend asking the members of the decorating group for help and advice on what steps to follow. I did and still ask for much advice. Like all apprentices, my "beginnings" were bad, hahaha, until my mentor taught me and others advised me on what works and what can be improved.
My advice would be to be yourself and let your fantasy fly. Think that the imperfect is perfect, and then you will find your perfect decoration.

Can you give us any tips to find Hidden Objects faster? What about when you play Iris's Eyes levels?

Yes, run before the timer runs out! Other than that, I do not have much strategy in this. Speed and memory are needed to not lose many Butterflies. I always tap an object when it’s revealed. If the bar is full, look also to the ones at the end and tap them so that you don’t get stuck. It helps if you recently played a chapter in the main story, to memorize it.
As an anecdote I will say that there are times that I "eliminate" a silhouette before it comes out.

 Do you have a favorite character from the game and would you like to share why?

No favorite character, everyone has their role and one cannot live without the other… OK, I have to admit it, my weakness is Molly, sorry... she is so full of life... explosive!

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