Pearl’s Peril : Hey Adventurers, gifts are part of a good game experience!

 Hey Adventurers, gifts are part of a good game experience, but they require some cooperation from your side for them to work flawlessly. Please find below some steps to claim gifts without problems:

Disable any ad blockers and pop-up blockers active on your device or web browser. This software can be an obstacle in claiming the gift properly.
Click on the link in the Facebook post. The link always starts with
Alternatively, you can manually enter the random numbers and letters provided alongside the link. This code must be entered in the Settings menu of the game. This feature is not available for Apple devices.
Remember that our gift links expire. Be sure to claim them as soon as they are posted. Going back and trying to claim any gift link over two weeks old may result in a failed attempt.
In some rare cases our gift links might not trigger the info pop-up in the game for some of our players. While we work on improving this visual issue, rest assured that the resources are always added. Please try to claim the link from another device or browser. If a pop-up informs you that a gift has already been redeemed, the resources were correctly added already.
This covers the basics for claiming our gift links. For further assistance, tips and tricks from other Adventurers, come join our Pearl's Peril Social group: