Bingo Blitz : UK Celebration by meeting a Blitzer from the UK!

 Continue our UK Celebration by meeting a Blitzer from the UK!

Say “hi” to Natalie East, our very first Blitzer in the Spotlight!

Get to know a bit about her by reading the interview below:

Tell us about yourself, Natalie

My name is Natalie East, I’m 29 this month, married and have 3 children, 2 boys and my darling daughter who passed away in 2018.

How long have you been playing Bingo Blitz?

I’ve been playing the game since January 2019 and it’s been a great help to me in my darkest times and I’ve met some amazing people through the game, a couple of whom I now consider friends.

What is your top Bingo Blitz moment?

Taking part in a 3 way dance off on stage at the London Live Bingo Night event!

What are the best highlights to see and activities to do where you’re from?

I live in the Chilterns in Buckinghamshire so there are lots of areas of natural outstanding beauty. One of my favourite places to visit is Whipsnade Zoo which is about 20 minute drive from my house. My town is on the net line so I’m also an easy journey into London. I love watching my precious Chelsea FC at Stamford Bridge, where my husband and I are both season ticket holders.

What is your favorite UK food?

My favourite proper British grub isa good old Sunday roast dinner. All homemade of course including the giant Yorkshire pudding which needs to be full of rich meaty gravy 

 We are so happy to have you in our Bingo Blitz family, thank you so much for letting us get to know you, Natalie!

And thank you, Blitzer, for taking the time to meet your new Blitz Bud!

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