Caesars Casino : Today's tip is all about a holiday staple!

 Freddy's Tip 

Today's tip is all about a holiday staple! 
I mean, what's better than spending a cold winter night indoors, looking out at the snow, and snuggling up on the couch? 
It sounds like perfect scenario to me except it's missing one thing. Hot Cocoa, of course! 
According to the experts... AKA Freddy, the secret to taking your hot cocoa to the next level is by adding Irish Cream! 
Everyone has their own specific flavors and preferences, but if you want to give your guests an extra kick this season, mix in a shot of Baileys (or any Irish cream of your choice). 
Not only will it help your friends and family loosen up, but it will enhance the creamy taste in the hot cocoa! 
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