Bingo Blitz : What happened, you ask?!

 Oh no, trouble in paradise?! 


Our two favorite lovebirds have a little relationship drama on their hands.

Call us CRAZY, but if things won’t work out between them, we’re going on a full-blown #strike in the BB offices 

What happened, you ask?

Well, Blitzy came back home from his travels and wanted to meet Moxie for an unforgettable evening of romance. 

But Moxie is pulling an all-nighter in the kitchen preparing for her Valentine’s menu debut 

She’s got the whole shebang planned out – decorations, themed dishes, romantic music, and lots of candles.

So, she’s got her hands full, but Blitzy... Oh Blitzy, he loves her so much he can’t wait to give her a 

How will this Valentine’s story unfold? 

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