Bingo Blitz : Once upon a time, in Bingoville town

 Once upon a time, in Bingoville town,

Blitzy the cat wore an Easter crown,
With Drew Bingomore, his trusty mate,
They planned a hunt, oh what a date!

Easter eggs, big and small,
Hidden among petals, in a garden for all,
But Blitzy's pet, a hamster named Cheeks,
Snatched the eggs, Oh! How he sneaks!

Blitzy and Drew searched high and low,
Asking neighbors, "Where did they go?"
Moxie the mouse had no clue,
Doug the fish asked friends under the blue.

Winston the bear was a bit dizzy,
Thought he ate them while cooking, oh how ditsy!
Mitzy the cat, Blitzy's sister,
Posted online, a call to assist her.

But where oh where could those eggs be?
Blitzy and Drew searched endlessly,
Until they spied an egg rolling trickster,
Followed him to his cage, Hey! Hey! Mister!

Retrieving the eggs with a laugh and a grin,
For Blitzy and Drew, it was a win.
The Easter hunt was almost a flop,
But they saved the day and made it a top.
And so, dear friends, let this tale be told,
Of Blitzy and Drew, and eggs of gold,
May your Easter be filled with fun and delight,
And may your eggs be #hidden just right!